Is fuel included?

The fuel is paid by the customer. The tank is delivered full and must be returned full.

Can I rent it without skipper?

The boat is only rented with skipper.

Is there Wi-Fi on board?

The ship does not have Wi-Fi, but in many ports we can request it.

Can I charge mobile and others?

Mobile phones, tablets and laptops can be charged. Other higher power devices can only be used when in port.

Can you smoke on the boat?

Yes, always in the area outside the boat and with care.

How many people can go on the boat?

During the day 12 people, to sleep comfortably 8 people.

What clothes should I bring?

In summer, swimsuits, T-shirts and some shorts, white soled or nautical shoes to avoid staining the deck, some booties to go to the rocks, beach towel. It is advisable to have some neat clothes to go down to a restaurant or a nightclub one day, and a jacket for a colder night is very important.
Luggage : suitcases must be made of cloth or sports, they must not be rigid, since they are more manageable to store them in the spaces provided for it.

What is the form of payment?

Payment is made by bank transfer. 50% of the rental price is paid when booking the boat and signing the contract. The other 50% will be paid 4 weeks before boarding.

How and when are the contracted extras paid?

In the event that an extra has been contracted, the amount will be paid at the company base on the same day of shipment.

What expenses are not included in the rental price?
  • The fuel
  • Moorings outside base port
  • The extras: jetsky, banana, donut, paddle surf, etc.
  • Hostess or service personnel (in case you want to hire)
  • Cleaning is a mandatory extra.
Can you rent the boat for an event or celebration?

Yes, it is possible, although the maximum number of people on board is 12.

Does a deposit have to be paid?

Yes, you always have to deposit a deposit of € 2,000, which will be returned in full at the end of the charter, if there have been no damages.

Who cooks on the boat?

Normally, the person who rents the boat is the one who cooks, unless a hostess is hired, in which case the hostess will be in charge of cooking, serving and cleaning.
It is customary to put a fund and make a joint purchase before boarding, since depending on the plan of the week it is difficult to make a large purchase at the stops, taking into account that being a boat it is a smaller and more limited kitchen than a From home.
When making the purchase it will be necessary to take into account that the maintenance of the skipper during the charter week is the responsibility of the client.

Where does the boss sleep?

Depending on the occupancy of the boat, in a forward cabin or in the case of all cabins being occupied, on the top of the boat in order to give a little privacy to the occupants of the boat.
It must be taken into consideration that the skipper is working and is responsible for the safety of the people on board and the boat, so he will need to rest to stay in top shape.

Do I have to help the docking maneuvers?

Not necessarily, except in some specific case that the skipper asks for the collaboration of one of the crew. The skipper is self-sufficient and capable of handling the boat without help, however in some maneuver help will be necessary, getting much more out of the experience of navigation and docking.
The skipper will always be happy to teach navigation techniques or answer questions to whoever he wants.

Is there coverage on the boat?

Most of the time there is, however, in some more hidden coves there is no, but the skipper will always inform you in advance when.

What time can you board?

The embarkation and disembarkation times are stipulated in the rental contract.

What would happen if the weather conditions did not allow navigation?

It is not usually common in summer, however if the case arises, the date will be changed or we will issue you a voucher with a validity of one year to specify the date. The most important thing for us is your safety.

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